Custom Solutions for  a Changing World!

     RSSI/GlobeTech recognizes the substantial investment its clients have in application technology. We can help you make the most of that investment by working with you to develop successful "state of the art" applications.

     Building successful applications requires a thorough understanding of the software, the application environment, and your business requirements. RSSI/GlobeTech will help you define a project scope, outline project objectives, and plan a realistic budget and delivery date. Such planning reduces development time, reduces development costs, and assures that the application is delivered as promised, on time and within budget.

     RSSI/GlobeTech has built its experience based on a variety of projects, both large and small. We are prepared to implement full scale development projects, or short term assignments, and have expertise in a variety of applications.

     RSSI/GlobeTech has expertise in a variety of deployment technologies, including:


  • SQL Server 2000

  • Microsoft Access

  • Microsoft Visual Basic

  • Microsoft Visual Interdev

  • Crystal Reports

  • Microsoft Office

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